Exceptional Patient Care is No Joke

 This course is designed to help team members communicate clearly and effectively through the use of open and honest dialogue.To facilitate working together and communicating clearly so that optimum patient care can be delivered.

Many of us fear conflict resolution, when in reality its just a conversation. By establishing a pathway for addressing concerns in a safe and non-confrontational manner, team members have an outlet so frustration and apathy does not set in.

Building that team camaraderie is essential to office success and patient satisfaction.

  • Upon Completion of this course You will:

  • Know how to minimize misunderstandings and confusion through the use of clear communication.

  • Use humor even if you aren’t a comedian, to relax patients and create a stress(less) environment.

  • Learn how every team member has an integral role in creating a setting where patients feel comfortable.

  • Get your patients to love referring friends and family. Ultimately making the practice more productive and profitable.


Stress Relief 101

The title says it all, while Dentistry is a rewarding and satisfying career the fact that it can be very stressful is undeniable. Financial, physical and emotional stress can take a toll on the body and mind. This lecture is presented in a humorous way, to learn about stress, its effects and how to manage it with healthy coping mechanisms.

While we can’t completely eliminate stress from the Dental Practice, its effects can be mitigated and managed. This is a team effort because patients can tell if there is tension A happy team will be more productive, with higher patient satisfaction and overall better profitability.


  • How to recognize, identify and understand the different types of stressors.

  • How to deal with all aspects of stress from patients.

  • How to prevent stress from negatively affecting your health, your patients and your dental team.

  • How to develop healthy coping strategies to reduce stress: finding the funny in the workplace